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DON’T STOP BELIEVING with Cindy Miller

The great music group Journey has a hit song, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” In many ways, the beginning describes my good friend, Cindy Miller.

Here are some key moments from this episode:

  • finding your “IT”
  • overcoming adversity, challenges, and rejection
  • understanding motivation
  • embracing personal growth
  • pursuing your dreams
  • using golf as a business development tool
  • the importance of planting seeds


Cindy is a small-town girl who for years had heard thoughts from others that she was not good enough. Talk about proving people wrong left and right! Self-described as competitive, a control freak, and a lunatic, she is truly authentic, raw, and real. She has the ability to look you in the eyes, make you laugh or cry, and create an experience that can change your life.

Way beyond her golf prowess, she improves performance and can unlock your potential. What a captivating and mesmerizing guest who can help you find your “IT”. What is “IT”? Listen in as you will want to book your next lesson and business event with my truly unique and amazing friend, Cindy Miller.