The Project YOU Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

Most people would define a Sabbatical from an academic perspective. Generally, it refers to faculty members of colleges and universities as well as teachers at all educational levels who seek time from their academic duties to pursue projects like writing (books, articles, or other completions), and research into their areas of specialty.

Our definition of a Sabbatical is different; it is an extraordinary experience.

It is a discovery journey designed for successful individuals in all walks of life. Individuals who are seeking a unique process of introspection to focus on themselves. These are individuals who may be at some crossroads in their lives, or they may desire some insight and fresh perspectives on what’s possible for them each day going forward.

The program is about “you”. It explores what you have done, where you are currently, and what decisions you need to make in order to live life the way you may only be dreaming about.

At its core, it will challenge you to be your best in all aspects of your life and help you to begin to live your legacy now.

As we say throughout the program, our book and our podcast, “Your Next Big Project is You”

President and Founder, Leo Pusateri had a vision. His life mission is to have peace of mind in knowing that he has done his best to become the very best that he is capable of becoming. In his search to become his best, his goal became to help others become their best.

His work as a business owner and entrepreneur has allowed him to influence thousands of individuals. His company challenges its clients through a unique process of introspection, to be their best in differentiating their firm, themselves and their teams. He has taught individuals to stand out in a crowd and, ultimately, to win in business and in life, as a result of increasing their confidence, finding passion, and articulating their value with speed.

This work manifested to the development of the SabbaticalX where one’s life journey in becoming the best in all aspects of one’s life and living one’s legacy becomes the goal.

As our tagline implies, “Your Next Big Project is You.”

It is our mission to provide the questions, as well as provide the opportunity for you to look inside yourself for the answers you seek to live your legacy.

Application deadline for Cohort : August 1st, 2024

Kickoff Event: 1.5 day in-person session, September 10-11, 2024, in Buffalo, NY

Small Group Virtual Coaching: Coming soon

Full Group Virtual Sessions: Coming soon (11am – 12:30pm EST)

Capstone Event: 1.5 day in-person session, April 29-30, 2025
Scottsdale, AZ

The Project YOU Experience has two physical destinations where it either begins or ends, depending on which cohort you join:

  1. The Country Club of Buffalo, located in Beautiful Buffalo, NY.
  2. Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Virtual learning from the comfort of your home/office happens between the kickoff, regardless of where your cohort begins or ends.

The Buffalo area has been the headquarters for PCT since 1992. Many of our prospects and clients have visited us and marveled at the beauty of our city and region. It is with much pride that our capstone event will be held at an absolutely, amazing facility, The Country Club of Buffalo. Established in 1926, this property will impress you with its history, it’s beautiful views, and attention to service excellence.

And visiting Beautiful Buffalo in the fall is a great time enjoy the climate and maybe a side trip to Niagara Falls will truly wow you.

The Country Club of Buffalo

We knew we needed a truly world-class, amazing location to be able to inspire successful individuals who are committed to becoming the best in all aspects of their lives. Founder, Leo Pusateri, has made Scottsdale his home base for his West Coast operations.

He has had tremendous positive feedback from business associates and others working with him on various projects overlooking the beautiful mountain vistas in Arizona. The stunning, panoramic views coupled with the therapeutic climate makes an ideal setting for this introspective process.

Please review these links to begin to “feel’ the positive energy of this majestic landscape and the beautiful Troon Country Club.

Our clients gave us resounding feedback that said, “get us together to start the program and to end the program.” “Keep us connected through zoom events in between the in-person get togethers.”

Our clients talk, we listen!

Optimally, our experiences tell us 10-16 participants is ideal as the Sabbatical Experience has been designed for small interactive groups. This is not a program coached in an auditorium!

Yes. As founder of the program and lead facilitator of the experience, Leo will participate in ongoing coaching by leading our large group sessions and contributing content and feedback in our online community posts.

Twice. The initial 1.5 day kickoff in Beautiful Buffalo, NY (Sept 10-11,2024), followed by the capstone in Scottsdale, Arizona (April 29-30,2025)

After four Super Bowl losses, and the constant jokes I get on our winter weather, I focus on why I love living in Western New York and in the Beautiful Buffalo area! There is so much to share here that it’s best to save for a future conversation!

The next The Project YOU Experience dates will be coming soon.  In the meantime, if you are unable to meet the dates listed, let us know if you are interested here.

Approximately 4-6 hours a month. The in-person events will be supported by:

  • 6, 90-minute full group cohort sessions
  • 3, 60-90-minute small group coaching sessions
  • Individual coaching as required
  • Assignments and exercises will vary from month-to-month and will be dependent on your desire for personal transformation and your passion for living your legacy.

The Coaches

Your coach will be a member of the SabbaticalX faculty.

Minimally, once a month for one hour or broken up into shorter appointments for your convenience, as the program has been developed.

This Sounds Amazing, I Want to Know More

Your time and dollars to be a part of this extraordinary experience. Also, you should be committed to be an engaged and an open-minded participant. Expectations.

$15,000.00 USD


  • Kickoff in-person – Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day 1 (Sept. 10, 2024) / Breakfast and lunch on Day 2 (Sept. 11, 2024)
  • Capstone in-person – Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day 1 (April 29, 2025) / Breakfast and lunch on Day 2 (April 30, 2025)
  • 6 full group virtual cohort sessions, 90 minutes each.
  • Numerous individual learning activities for every element, completed on your own.
  • 3 small group virtual coaching sessions, 60-90 minutes each.
  • Access to Sabbatical Experience faculty for one-on-one coaching.
    Supported by an online learning platform for the entire journey, allowing participants and faculty to collaborate and engage with one another.
  • A Sabbatical Experience Package – containing everything you need to succeed.

Additional Costs: Travel, lodging, etc.

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and Amex.

We ask for the total program cost to secure your spot in the SabbaticalX.  

The Sabbatical Experience is a mutual commitment. We commit to welcoming you into a small, focused cohort of professionals, and doing everything we can to deliver on the promises of the retreat and ongoing coaching sessions. In return, we ask you to commit to spending the time, money and passion it takes to become your best, at the same time you contribute to others in the program.

We understand that life can interfere and that plans change. We have no formal refund policy and treat individual circumstances with the utmost of care and sensitivity as they arise.

With a limited number of openings available at our retreats, we do not discount for groups.

This Sounds Amazing, I Want to Know More

There are three steps in applying for the The Project YOU Experience.

Step One:

Step Two:

  • Leo Pusateri or another member of The Project YOU Experience team will contact you further to discuss the program details further and answer any of your questions.  

Step Three:

  • Register online for your seat in The Project YOU Experience by providing your down payment.