The Project YOU Experience

How Things Began

For nearly 30 years, we’ve crisscrossed the world with many of the leading wealth management companies and their advisors. We have been maniacally focused on our mission of helping organizations discover, articulate, and capitalize on their unique value. Now it’s time to live your value.

We are gratified by the support of our clients – and others – and humbled by the personal relationships we’ve cultivated and enjoyed. We’ve learned more every year about how to better unlock the power of your unique strengths. And we’ve challenged ourselves to improve every year. Now it’s your turn as we are saying, Your Next Big Project is YOU.

Most of our clients have careers that have spanned their early challenges of survival to security. From security to pathways to success. Finally, from success to now, significance.

Our valued clients told us they wanted more. They needed more than the unique value introspection we are known for. We challenged them to develop their compelling story to win wealth mandates. Their life story and that of their clients, was equally, if not more compelling.

They want to be around people who have achieved a lot and have a lot. And people who have contended and dealt with challenging life issues. They want to discuss their life journey, what they learned and more importantly now, to discuss the next 5-25 years of their life with like- minded individuals.

We listened and enthusiastically launched The Sabbatical Experience! The SX is a truly unique, world-class, introspective program designed to help you through the process of reaching your full potential.

The Sabbatical Experience is about living a life of significance with no regrets…a life focused on abundance, gratitude, and perspective, with an ultimate goal to be your best and to live your legacy, now!

Making Time for Yourself

We need to put ourselves on a personal quest to achieve our full potential in all the roles of our lives. Every role should be thought through, our values re-explored, our legacies created, and begun to be lived now.

As these following life thoughts have begun to surface, the SabbaticalX flame has grown brighter. Pusateri’s successful clients resoundingly have said they needed more time for themselves. The introspection needed to go deeper. Many were at a crossroad in their lives or their careers; many wondered what’s next? Others were not fulfilled and still others sought new insights and perspectives. Still, others were in search of personal meaning with regard to their own purpose. They started thinking of not just their clients’ legacy, but also of their own.

They needed more time. YOU need more time.

By asking the right questions, we begin the process of living a life of significance with no regrets – a life focused on abundance, gratitude and perspective with an ultimate goal to be your best and live your legacy…

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