The Project YOU Experience

Impact, Legacy, and Relationships with Joe Kreuz

In this episode I am honored to have my long-time friend and guest, Joe Kreuz, the founding partner of AP Professionals.

Joe is one of a kind. I don’t know of anyone in my rolodex that knows more people, remembers phone numbers from years past and is as respected in our community as someone for those in need for career opportunity and counseling.

We delve into Joe’s remarkable journey, reflecting on his family, career, and the values he’s learned from his father. We discuss the art of genuine connection, the impact of great sales representatives, and the virtue of curiosity.

Joe shares about his love for reading, the importance of common courtesy, and the significance of building lasting relationships. Our conversation highlights the meaningful impact Joe has had on the lives and organizations he’s worked with, and touches on the concept of living a life of significance and leaving a lasting legacy.

Some notable moments in this episode:

  • Trust, value, and likability in sales reps.
  • Finding joy in helping others find work.
  • Deep intellectual curiosity leads to constant learning.
  • Reminder: thank you cards make a difference.
  • Impactful recruitment has transformed millions of lives.
  • Time is the best form of giving.
  • Grateful tagline: Relationships that last a lifetime.


Join us as we explore the timeless values and principles that have shaped Joe’s extraordinary career and personal life.