The Project YOU Experience

Make Every Second Count with Dolah Saleh

Listen in as educator, lecturer, and author Dolah Saleh shares her best thinking that led to the writing of her current book, “It IS All About You…A Responsible Search For Meaning”.

Here are some key moments from this episode:

  • making meaningful career decisions and avoiding regrets
  • the power of assessments and making every second count
  • the importance of finding our purpose in life
  • the search for our purpose in life
  • tackling introspective questions about identity and purpose

Dolah’s work will make you think introspectively. In her work, she asks “What are you searching for?” and she discusses the two most important days in one’s life…

Dolah’s energy and enthusiasm for helping people is infectious. She is genuine and authentic as she has a vault full of lifetime coaching experiences. You will want to learn more after hearing about five important questions she covers in her book:

  1. Who am I (in this existence)?

  2. Why am I here?
  3. What should I and must I do?

  4. Am I working with a predetermined lifespan?

  5. What will it all mean in the end?

Get your pen and pad ready as you listen to Dolah. Enjoy!