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Your Next Big Project is YOU

Welcome to Your Next Big Project Is YOU, a podcast based around the theme of "time".

That’s it my friends. If you’ve got time, fasten your seat belt and listen in as we discuss opportunities for the next 5-25 years of your life.

And remember, Your Next Big Project Is YOU.

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Latest Episodes

E051 - Living A Life of Joy with Howie Rein
Join us for an insightful conversation as Howie reflects on his remarkable journey from a leading regional accounting firm to a fulfilling post-retirement life. Filmed ...
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I sit down with Nick Miller, a man who turned his passion for people and problem-solving into a successful career. From starting his own firm, ...
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We delve into John's incredible journey in wealth management, reflecting on his 43-year career and the impactful mentors who saw potential in him. We explore ...
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In this episode I am honored to have my long-time friend and guest, Joe Kreuz, the founding partner of AP Professionals. We delve into Joe's ...
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E047 - Bullish Insights on Markets & Life with David Elias Website Thumbnail
Join us in this captivating episode as we dive deep into the world of finance with a special guest, David Elias, the former Founder of ...
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Trust Precedes Impact with Peter Maller
From his upbringing in South Africa to his time in compulsory military service, Peter Maller has traversed a unique path on his journey to building ...
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The great music group Journey has a hit song, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” In many ways, the beginning describes my good friend, Cindy Miller. Listen in ...
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Listen in as educator, lecturer, and author Dolah Saleh shares her best thinking that led to the writing of her current book, “It IS All ...
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Bill’s take on leadership and driving culture are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom that you need to hear. His vision, conviction, negotiation ...
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