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Your Next Big Project is YOU

Welcome to Your Next Big Project Is YOU, a podcast based around the theme of "time".

That’s it my friends. If you’ve got time, fasten your seat belt and listen in as we discuss opportunities for the next 5-25 years of your life.

And remember, Your Next Big Project Is YOU.

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Latest Episodes

E006 - Mindfulness in the C-Suite - Website Thumbnail
I don't know of anyone in my Rolodex who totally gets the concepts of mindfulness, whether in business or personal interactions. She absolutely gets it ...
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E005 - Helping Others Win in Life & Business - Website Thumbnail
John has truly made a difference in the lives of sales leaders and professionals, challenging them to be their best. But maybe more important John ...
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E004 - Winning in the Third Period of Your Life with Scott McLean
Scott shares his story and his key learnings. With important questions asked by his wife and daughter, listen in as you will see the strength ...
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From Charlie Watts to the Chief Culture Officer with Dean Manjuris
His beliefs on wealth management and leadership success will force you to look into your own mirror. More importantly, his legacy (still building) will be ...
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The NEW Advisor for Life with Steve Gresham
Listen in to Steve’s questions and his perspectives on “the security stool.” Hear what he has to say about yours and your clients' NEXT CHAPTER. ...
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E001 - Getting Off The Selfish Rocket Ship YT Thumb
Bob will get in your face with passion and intensity. He demands excellence and commitment so fasten your seat belt and hear for yourself what ...
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