The Project YOU Experience


“I had the privilege of attending The Sabbatical X in the fall of 2019. It was time out in life and a chance to step off the hamster wheel I created in my life. TSX was a gift of "reflection time" on what had been and what could be for me, my family, colleagues, and friends. TSX helped me reevaluate and gain perspective on my life priorities. As a result, I revisit the concepts often and share them with others who can benefit from slowing down and looking in the mirror. I encourage you to learn how to live a life of significance. ”
John Hoskins
Author and Founder of Level Five Selling
“I had the good fortune of attending the Sabbatical X Scottsdale, AZ in 2019.

It consisted of a group of very high achievers from all over the country, normally so busy accomplishing, that they not taken adequate time to reflect on their lives and what would be their true purpose in the “fourth quarter of life” - professionally, personally, and spiritually.

The open, honest and sharing atmosphere that Leo and his talented staff created allowed for ALL attendees to comfortably and openly share thoughts, struggles, stories, life lessons, etc. It was a “once in a lifetime” experience for me to be a part of this group. I highly recommend this program to anyone who desires to “Have It All”.

The program guides and mentors to this end goal that we all seem to be searching for, but so few are able to achieve! Sabbatical X allows one to gain valuable self-reflection and to one’s true purpose/role in life heading into the golden years. It was an amazing experience for all who attended. It was a wonderful bonding experience with other professionals that started out as total strangers.

It will continue to be one of the fondest and most positive experiences I have ever had. Thank you Leo and your creative team!”
John Connelly
Owner, Promotional images, Inc.
Professional Musician, “The BBC Band”
Buffalo, New York
“I was so pumped up after the program that I felt I could fly home without the plane!

The people who attended, the conversations we had, the feeling of being with like-minded individuals all listening and coaching each other, the amazing faculty-absolute inspiration and thoughts for the years ahead!

If you want to look at and think about the next 5-25 years of your life with the guidance of others who have had similar life issues and a journey towards significance, sign up. You will have no regrets.”
David Elias
Founder of Elias Asset Management,
Author, Mentor and Executive Coach to C-Suite Leaders and Valued Friends
“It was such a privilege to participate in your passion with an incredibly talented, successful and giving group of people. The design of your program is simple, yet elegant that flows from your passion and drive to help others be their best.”
Gary Pease
Former Fortune 500 HR Executive
“It is an expertly guided program for self-introspection and improvement. It begins with a concentrated 4 day Sabbatical, is followed by twelve months of coaching and group interaction and results in meaningful impact that will last a lifetime.”
Mark Colgan
Montage Wealth Management
“Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience in Buffalo. I enjoyed it from start to finish. I’ve been mulling and strategizing and this will be the first in a series of musings… so much to contemplate.

I had an interesting conversation with 25 year old daughter Steph. We were sitting by the pool and she asked what the course was all about so I pulled out the notebook and read the questions … fascinating discussion. The questions from the SabbaticalX beg to be discussed as a family.

This led my thinking in a different direction: you have the makings of a family meeting plan in a box.”
Julie A. Lange
FCSI, CIM, Portfolio Manager, Director, Wealth Management Branch Manager